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The Kruger National Park is the main tourist magnet of South Africa and provides exceptional sightings of the most famous inhabitants of Africa, the Big 5. The Kruger is divided into two areas: the public and the private one, this offers luxury hotels and Exclusive 4×4 safaris, while the public area can only be explored by rental car. The two sections are adjacent to each other without fences, forming a huge biosphere, through which the animals circulate freely.

Exploring the public area of ​​the Kruger by car presents pros and cons: you will enjoy greater flexibility in schedules and take with you even the younger children – something that almost all private lodges do not allow; on the other hand you will have to share any sighting with other vehicles, you can only drive on asphalt roads and sightings are more difficult without the help of a specialised guide or ranger.

Kruger National Park Budget Accommodation

The main accommodations inside the Kruger are the government-run camps of the Park Authority which have double bungalows with private bathrooms, a veranda and often a kitchenette, simple accommodations at reasonable prices. By staying in this way you can independently visit the park with your own car, following the mostly asphalted routes that wind through the Kruger and crossing the various areas of sighting of the animals, the pools, the viewpoints.

Inside the Park you can not get out of the car unless you are in the special parking and picnic areas, located in many places, or you can get out of the road. The maximum speed allowed is 40km. The density of the animals is very high and although the Park is very large, interesting sightings are assured even independently and without the help of rangers.

It is mandatory to return to your Camp (or leave the park if you do not stay inside) within the established opening hours, which coincide strictly at sunrise and sunset times.

Staying in the State Camps, you can also participate in interesting group safaris organised by the rangers in 16-seat safari trucks, with which you leave in groups in the morning or at sunset, or go on foot safaris in groups of max 6/8 people always accompanied by the rangers. In all the Camps of the Park it is possible to make the safaris in trucks conducted by the ranger both at dawn and at sunset.

In addition to walking safaris at dawn or in the afternoon from the Camps of Skukuza and Letaba, you can take night safaris different from sunset safaris – the duration is the same varies the time of departure and return but only from the Camps of Bateleur, Mopani, Punda, Olifants and Satara.

Kruger National Park Budget Accommodation

These are the numerous camps within the Kruger Park and to follow the other national parks of the country. The bungalows are equipped with bathroom and shower included, air conditioning and kitchenette. Almost all these camps have a supermarket, restaurant, gas station.

Please pay particular attention to the closing times of the Park and the distance and time needed to reach the various camps within the same. There is a speed limit of 40 km per hour inside the Park and the rangers at the entrances, will not allow access to visitors who are no longer able to reach the reserved fields respecting this speed limit.

It can be considered the capital of Big Five animals of South Africa, elephants and buffaloes are joined by herds of lions, leopards and elusive endangered rhinoceros, along with a notable number of other species, there are thousands of them. The public area is often divided into three further sections: the southern, central and northern. The highest concentration of animals is in the southern section, it is the most coveted and most visited by visitors.

Still, in the central section, sightings are good, while the wildlife of the northern sector is a little scarcer, but here, compared to other areas of the park, you will find a sense of tranquillity and a wonderful unspoiled wilderness. One of the most spectacular animal and nature sanctuaries in the world. It is they, the animals, the true masters of the whole territory, and one can not but admire their everyday life enraptured.

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